Farm to Fork Meat Riot | a 501c3 Non Profit Corporation
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Welcome to the Meat Riot!

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit corporation. Our goal is to work as a catalyst to re-establish the regenerative small family farm food system that was dismantled after WWII.

We are educating the people in the community about how to become Regenerative Consumers.

We are also consulting with farmers that are interested in the process of regenerative farming to produce living soils and, as a result, foods that offer life giving force..

This program has been designed to service families that are working hard to source most, if not all, of their food from local regenerative organic small family farmers and local sustainable and regenerative artisans. We have been growing our army of conscious and educated regenerative consumers for sustainability ever since 2009. Our mission is to educate consumers to support local, seasonal and regenerative food, reverse climate change and improve their health.

We believe that Regenerative Agriculture is necessary to heal our planet and our bodies. We also know that we cannot have soil-based food without soil-based farmers. In this age of fast food and big businesses, regenerative farmers are in a time of crisis. We strive to protect and advocate for them and, in turn, improve our health, our lives, our local economy and our planet.

Do you want to learn more about supporting the movement or nourishing your family? 

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Please join our “Army of MEENAS” and support the Meat Riot led by Niti the FARMacist.

You can choose to vote 3 times a day with your fork.

ARE YOU LIVING IN RALEIGH, NC and seeking an immediate solution?

We offer a third-party CSA as an immediate solution to source regenerative food. 

We educate the community on using food as medicine.

Please, click on the legal tab at the bottom of our home page and read it carefully.

For more information about what we do, check out the Mission/FAQ page.