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When Meenakshi was in the hospital at Duke fighting for her life, this is how all my letters began. The miracles and prayers would come pouring in and my sweet girl was able to tolerate the hellacious treatments. It was when we left the hospital that the miracles actually came strongly and the healing came swiftly to kill her cancer. It came form the power of our community, the love and prayers from friends & strangers alike and it came from THE SOIL. Her health and life giving force came from the soil on our farms thru the plants and animals and into her body to heal her with this powerful food.

I need those forces again to help continue Meenakshi's mission and her teachings. She taught us that food is our medicine and we need to get back to nature.  We need to get back to respecting the soil and bounty of nourishment on this earth, as it was always intended. She set the standard for what is acceptable and what is adulterated and thru our family and this community her teachings live on. It is the time to come together once again to make big moves. We are being called to war for our nourishment and in turn our health.

It is time to form our Army of Meena's and reestablish the regenerative small family farm food system in a more powerful way to help heal our community but also spread the news and help communities across the nation by setting the stage for this change.

Farm to Fork Meat Riot 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation needs a permanent home. We are seeking a place where we can build our Regenerative Village Retreat that will offer our community all the benefits listed below.

  • The FARM(acy) Meat Shop -where we will butcher the highest quality grass based local farm meats that will remain unadulterated and only seasoned with organic seasonings or clean grass based fats to nourish the families that wish to buy it and feed it to their families. This will help secure cleaner food from our farms for anyone in our market that wishes to purchase it. This will also set an example of what folks can replicate across the country in their own markets should they choose to do so.
  • The FARM(acy) Commissary Kitchen –where we will prepare meals for our guests who stay in the Bed & Breakfast Retreat. This kitchen will be where we prepare the meals for our on-site CAFÉ and RAW bar. This kitchen will prepare family meals to go so we can help nourish hard working families with nutrient dense fierce foods even when they may not have time to prepare them themselves. This will also be the commissary kitchen for food truck businesses that meet our standards for nutrition and these food truck businesses will be supplied by our farmers so they can bring this massive nourishment out to where the eaters are. This kitchen will also serve the community with a fierce foods bone broth bank for families who are at UNC or DUKE Children's hospital regardless of their diagnosis. We will have a fierce foods soup kitchen on wheels to reach out & help nourish the impoverished children in our region with broth and micro greens.
  • The FARM(acy) CAFÉ - This will be the refueling station for the children that come to visit and learn with the school classmates on field trips, where the folks who will be our guests in the Bed & Breakfast Rooms can nourish their bodies, the employees working in the village, the Raleigh community that comes to shop or have their business meetings here and the families in our community that come to learn from the many classes we will offer on site can all REFUEL.
  • The Farm to Fork Meat Riot CSA Distribution location –where folks will be able to pick up Community Supported Agricultural meats, veggies, micro greens and purposeful pantry items. ONE STOP SHOP – DISCOUNTS for MEMBERS for making a commitment to support the cause.
  • The Sweet Peas Urban Garden Micro Green Farm- where the ladies of Sweet Peas Urban Garden will operate and teach classes to our community.
  • The Bed and Breakfast – where anyone can stay if they are visiting our city or anyone locally wishes to immerse themselves in our FARM(acy) haven to learn how to and practice how to change a lifestyle. Where community members or visitors to Raleigh can come to RELAX and enjoy a break from the stresses of everyday life.
  • The FARM(acy) Event & Classroom Spaces – this space will allow us to host large educational events that are also culturally uplifting experiences. These spaces will break out into classrooms so we can use the space daily to teach the community everything from how to grow microgreens or make broth to learning how to set up a kitchen in FOOD ECON 101 or how to cook meals using fierce foods in FOOD ECON 303!

 We have found property that is for sale that would be functional for this type of use. Please click on this link to see it.

If you want this Raleigh, we need folks to help by donating to the cause or helping us to influence the folks in the community who are able to help us acquire this property for us to use it to serve the community in this way. You can go to our website to donate for the land and village fund. Do we have any folks out there who can help advocate for us? Do you know volunteers to help with web development and marketing to grow this cause? Do you know any celebrities that can help us gain a bigger audience? With support across the city or even the state we only need a few dollars from the masses to accomplish this goal. We need volunteers to help us fundraise, spread the news and help us influence large donors in the Triangle and beyond who would like to help build Farm to Fork Meat a home so we can work to help change the food landscape not only for our city, but for cities across the nation. ONE FARM, ONE CITY AT A TIME. We are the catalyst that will bring the farmers and the consumers together to form this change.

$1M will pay for the land and the renovations we will need to make to the houses on the property already, this will give us a big start.
$10M will pay for the entire property to be renovated to support this mission for a lifetime. 
YES- if we can raise $10M we will not need to keep asking for money; the village will fund itself and keep our work growing!  

It would fund the land and the infrastructure so we can make the changes we need to and grow the movement organically. 
Can we do this RALEIGH, NC?
Join us TODAY and help us reestablish the regenerative small family farm food system that was dismantled post WWII.
Call me if you are ready to take action. 919-606-0320
This is not a lot of money to help reestablish regenerative agriculture in our state and help reverse climate change while improving the health of all our citizens at the same time!

With grace & gratitude,