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Chickcharney Farm's Heritage Breed Whole Duck
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Chickcharney Farm's Heritage Breed Whole Duck
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Chickcharney Farm is offering us SOY & GMO FREE Magpie & Saxony(Heritage Breed) duck's that are also high foraged, pharmaceutical free, petrochemical free and hand processed and packaged right on the farm. These birds enjoy a happy life complete with loads of bugs and micro-nutrients to munch on all day.

Slow Food Ark of Taste breeds.Eat them to save them!

The Magpie duck is a small breed (4-5 lbs) of domestic duck originating from Wales. They are named for their distinctively marked plumage. The plumage is predominantly white, with a colored cap on the crown of the head, and a large colored patch extending along the back from shoulders to tail. Standard varieties include Blacks and Blues. A Blue Magpie drake from Chickcharney Farm is pictured here.
Magpies are active foragers that will graze and hunt for a sizable portion of their feed from grass, seeds, insects, and aquatic life. They eagerly search for and consume slugs, snails, and insects; so much so that keepers of large livestock find that these ducks are effective at eliminating liver fluke infestations. Magpies are excellent egg layers and will produce 220 to 290 eggs yearly. Their meat is of gourmet quality dark, tender, and lean. Each bird will yield portions suitable for two to three people.

In eastern Germany, Albert Franz of Chemitz began breeding a new multipurpose duck in 1930, introducing his creation at the Saxony Show of 1934. Most Saxony ducks did not survive World War II, so Franz renewed his breeding program after the war. During 1957 Germany recognized this duck as a distinct breed. Saxony ducks made their way to the United States when the Holderread Waterfowl Farm imported them in 1984. The Saxony weighs between 8-9 pounds at maturity.

The Saxony is an active forager and excellent layer with typical egg production at about 190-240 large white eggs annually. Saxony do not grow quite as fast as some ducks, but they have interesting plumage, produce meat with more flavor and less fat, are better foragers, and are more likely to incubate and hatch their eggs. Saxonies are one of the best large all-purpose breeds of ducks and adapt well to a wide range of environments.

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