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Cruise Ship or Nursing Home: The 5 Essentials of a Maximized Life
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Cruise Ship or Nursing Home: The 5 Essentials of a Maximized Life
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A staggering 98 percent of all disease is due all or in part to lifestyle--not genetics! That means that every day you are making a decision about whether you will grind down your body and finish your days broken in a nursing home, or establish your health now and finish your days, vital and vibrant, on a cruise ship.

If you're ready to take action to becoming healthier and happier, we're ready to help! Achieving lasting change comes down to 20 percent information and 80 percent behavior! This fast-paced, life-changing resource not only reveals the secrets of health, it exposes the lies about health that are literally killing us. But more than simply information, this program shows you how to cooperate with your design and translate intentions into actions. It's more than a "how to" book; it's a "how to do it" book!

The doctors who developed this program see thousands of patients every week, and they are part of an international team of Maximized Living doctors that sees hundreds of thousands of patients every week. They know what works and what doesn't, and this program works!

Cruise Ship or Nursing Home is for you because it will empower you to:
* Remove the toxins that prevent you from losing weight
* Attack the hidden causes of disease before it's too late
* Gain ten times more energy and zest
* Get in the best shape of your life in only twelve minutes per week
* Quickly lose ten pounds and never feel hungry
* Overcome diseases of the new millennium such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, ADD and ADHD
* Take action against the Toxic Top 5 that are making the inside of your house much more polluted than the outside of your house

Whether you want to lose ten pounds fast, gain more energy, think more clearly, or grow old gracefully, you will find the keys to MAXIMIZED LIVING in this book!

The Road Map To The Nursing Home
More money spent, more drugs prescribed, more medical tests performed yet we are in worse health than ever - we suffer from more debilitating sickness every year and as a result of this lunacy we die earlier than other nations similar to us! America’s health care costs equate to nearly 20% of our GDP. Our medical system is bankrupting us – Approximately 60% of bankruptcies in the US are related to medical bills. Have you ever met someone who was sick because they were lacking in a medication? Think about that sentence; meditate on it for a moment. The simple answer to the question is no, if a medication did not get a person into a health predicament will one get them out? It’s time to wake up America - what we are doing is not working.

Recent Harvard research proves that the human body was designed to live a quality of life up to 120 years. 120 years of joy, abundance, family, friends and energy. The average Americans life expectancy is 78.75 years – I ask where does the average American spend their last 3-5 years of life – on the golf course, at home with a loved one, on the beach with grandkids? Most everyone I have had to watch go spent their later years in a nursing home and or hospital. American health care can provide life support and breath in your lungs in your later years – but is that what you envision your “Golden Years” to be like? To understand health and longevity one must examine cultures outside of the American “health care” system, cultures who are vibrantly healthy, whom live decades beyond our life expectancy.

The Road Map To The Cruise Ship
Like the people of Abkhazia who have the reputation as the longest lived people on the planet. 80% of 90 year olds in this culture are considered mentally healthy outgoing and have a high degree of fitness. Or the people of the Hunza valley in Pakistan who the American Heart Association has studied and found zero incidence of heart disease even in the oldest people examined. These people are full of energy and never seem to fatigue. Finally the people of Vilcambaba who have no overweight members of their society, no crime, no suicide and the elderly do not fall and break bones like we do, in fact most elderly never limp or become disabled even though they walk considerably more than we do.

We as an American culture have a warped opinion on longevity. Many will say they do not want to live to 90 or 100. For the simple fact that those who we know who have lived for a long period of time have suffered. But cultures around the world are not only having abundant quantity of life they are also able to experience and quality of it. Come learn what the most successful people on the planet are doing for a long and fruitful life. Learn what and how to eat, what to avoid, and the strategies that have been working for a millennia in these long lived cultures. Someone once said that the only thing you cannot have more of is time – what if they were wrong?

Maximized Living, along with its network of doctors around the world, is a revolutionary and progressive leader in health and wellness. Maximized Living works with literally millions of families from the United States and Canada to Africa and Australia. Its doctors make up the Wellness Advisory Council for several of the Olympic governing bodies and act as the Global Wellness chair for the Billion Soul Initiative. No one has more proven methods or more credible information than a certified Maximized Living doctor. Whatever your goals or aspirations may be, a Maximized Living doctor can help you reach them. This book is the real deal—read it, follow it, and experience the transformation.

Find out why dieting doesn't work and discover a nutrition program you can follow and enjoy for the rest of your life!

Behind the physical and mental health problems that continually plague people in Western civilizations are modern nutrition and the commercial food industry. As other countries around the world adopt these same nutritional practices, the global pandemic of malnutrition and diet-related disease is spreading.

The five chronic conditions you're most likely to suffer from or which you're likely to die are heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and obesity. New research demonstrates that these conditions are most likely preventable and even reversible by changing your lifestyle and following the nutritional principles shared in this book.

· Permanently change the way you and your family eat - and enjoy it!

· Transform the way you look and feel

· Strengthen your body and mind by balancing hormones and reversing nutritional deficiency.

· Radically slow down the aging process and prevent, stop, or even reverse chronic disease