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DoTerra Frankincense Oil 15ml.
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DoTerra  Frankincense Oil 15ml.
DoTerra Frankincense Oil 15ml.
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Frankincense is of God. I use it for EVERY ailment I am unsure of. If we face a health crisis of any magnitude (a cold all the way to cancer) I turn to Frankincense.  It is one of the best solutions for any ailment you are facing with a child. Especially when you are unsure what the actual problem is. I anoint everyone in the family with illness with this powerful oil. We will take a warm shower and brush our teeth, then place a drop on the soft spot of the head, at the base of the back of the neck, one in the belly button and then on the sole of each foot. If it seems pretty serious, we put a drop on our thumb and press it up to the roof of our mouth.<br>I use this oil to help with brain fog when I must work or perform when I am not feeling 100%. I anoint myself or the children with the oil if they are facing a huge presentation, going in for a big test or if they are nervous about a meeting or interview.<br>None of these oils however will ever take the place of proper nutrition. The first step towards any healing is to eliminate poisons & include life giving forces.<p><p>
Perhaps the most precious of the ancient oils, frankincense is highly sought after by modern consumers for its many uses, including relaxation, immune support, and mood enhancement. For aromatic, topical or dietary use.

Word of Caution: There are some risks in using too much essential oil, including allergic reactions and headaches etc.. Basically, the same rules apply to using any other essential oil I recommend...


Do not believe that using essential oils allows you the liberty to continue to avoid a correct lifestyle change or allows you the liberty to eat poison vs. nutrient dense food.