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FRESH! NC Pamlico Sound 31/35 Count BROWN Shrimp (1 lb)
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FRESH! NC Pamlico Sound 31/35 Count BROWN Shrimp (1 lb)
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Is it really necessary to devein shrimp?

It is not necessary to devein shrimp. The vein is the digestive tract, which holds digested material and sand. The vein can give the shrimp a gritty texture. But there is not a health issue on eating the shrimp with a vein, it's more of a texturally issue.

Our Shrimp are so fresh and healthy that even when you attempt to devein the shrimp you will have trouble finding the vein which is practically invisible. Our premium quality shrimp is virtually ready to eat- simply peel, cook and enjoy!

To devein a shrimp you will need a shrimp deveiner. (These directions are for right-handed individuals; reverse for left-handed individuals) First, hold the shrimp in your left hand, tail pointing away from you, with the back of the shrimp facing to the right. Hold the deveiner in the right hand, tip and serrations pointing down. Insert the blade into the top portion of the shrimp and slice toward the tail along the contour of the shrimp, lifting the blade off the shrimp as it goes. The sharp edge splits the shell as the serrated teeth grab the vein. Pull off the shell at the point it joins the tail with your left hand while holding the shrimp between thumb and forefinger. (first link below)

Or you can purchase a shrimp butler and it does the work for you.
(Second link below)