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Heirloom Watermelon (single)
Heirloom Watermelon (single)
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Michelle's Fruits is offering us heirloom watermelons.

A family favorite here on the farm. The perfect melon for those hot summer days, nothing is quite so good as a piece of sweet and juicy watermelon. Perfect size for a picnic.

It's what's for Breakfast!! Interesting Nutrition Facts about melons: Total Omega-3 fatty acids 81.4mg; Total Omega-6 fatty acids 62.0mg;Calcium 15.9mg; Iron 0.4mg; Magnesium 21.2mg; Phosphorus 26.5mg; Potassium 473mg; Sodium 28.3mg; Zinc 0.3mg; Copper 0.1mg; Manganese 0.1mg; Selenium 0.7mcg; Fluoride 1.8mcg; Vitamin A 5987 IU; Vitamin C 65.0mg; Vitamin K 4.4 mcg; Thiamin 0.1mg; Niacin 1.3mg; Vitamin B 60.1 mg; Folate 37.2mcg; Vitamin B 120.0mcg; Choline 13.5 mg; and Protein 1.5g.

Watermelons probably originated almost 5,000 years ago in the Kalahari Desert of Africa where botanists have found its wild ancestors still growing. Watermelons migrated north through Egypt, and during the Roman era they were cultivated and prized. Hieroglyphics on the walls of Egyptian buildings tell stories of their harvest. Watermelons were buried in the tombs of kings to nourish them in the afterlife. Melons spread across the European continent and particularly flourished in the warmer Mediterranean areas. Watermelons were documented in 1629 in Massachusetts. During the Civil War, the Confederate Army boiled watermelon to make molasses for cooking.

Sugar Baby Watermelon is a icebox type of watermelon widely adapted, produces an abundance of small 8 x 8-1/2 inch fruits. Sugar Baby Watermelon rind is tough, thin, and dark green. It has a very sweet, firm, bright red flesh with small dark brown seeds. Delicious.