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Help us fund the production of "OUR VIEW" -Enter the Dollar Amount you wish to donate in the QTY box.
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Help us fund the production of "OUR VIEW" -Enter the Dollar Amount you wish to donate in the QTY box.
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We are just ordinary people starting a conversation that is long overdue. JOIN US and participate as ordinary people show how simple daily actions can create a ripple effect to literally change the world in ways we never imagined possible. We are not journalists or media experts. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, girlfriends, fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, boyfriends, children - humanity POWERED BY MEENAKSHI. Give Us A Chance to create a relationship with you. HELP FUND our television show "Our View" helping people share how to live a Regenerative Lifestyle-Enter the Dollar Amount you wish to donate in the QTY box.



When Meenakshi was in the hospital at Duke fighting for her life, this is how all my letters began. The miracles and prayers would come pouring in and my sweet girl was able to tolerate the hellacious treatments. It was when we left the hospital that the miracles actually came strongly and the healing came swiftly to kill her cancer. It came form the power of our community, the love and prayers from friends & strangers alike and it came from THE SOIL. Her health and life giving force came from the soil on our farms thru the plants and animals and into her body to heal her with this powerful food.

I need those forces again to help continue Meenakshi's mission and her teachings. She taught us that food is our medicine and we need to get back to nature.  We need to get back to respecting the soil and bounty of nourishment on this earth, as it was always intended. She set the standard for what is acceptable and what is adulterated and thru our family and this community her teachings live on. It is the time to come together once again to make big moves. We are being called to war for our nourishment and in turn our health.

It is time to form our Army of Meena's and reestablish the regenerative small family farm food system in a more powerful way to help heal our community but also spread the news and help communities across the nation by setting the stage for this change.

Farm to Fork Meat Riot 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation needs a permanent home.