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OCTOBER | 2016 We had the pleasure of hosting the VAXXED Team here in Raleigh. Watch the video we made with the Vaxxed Team to hear WHY we do this. 

JULY 25, 2017 | had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. tatiana Irwin on Solutionary TV- Dr. Tatiana and Niti Bali speak candidly about the toxicity of industrialized American food, the disillusionment of organic certification and how an individual can educate themselves about where to get untainted, vitalized, living food for themselves and their families.  

APRIL 2nd | 2018 The Philanthropy Journal featured a story about us. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to read the story

FEBRUARY | 2017 Niti launched her podcast Niti The FARMacist. The first 20 episodes are a gift to any new family interested in joining the Community Supported Agricultural program she originally launched in 2009. These episodes allow you to get to know her, her family & the producers she works with. This podcast is also meant to serve the community in a way that coaches eaters how to be Regenerative Consumers around the globe.