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Ominvore's Delight

Posted by Niti Bali on 10/19/2015 to Cellular Healing Recipe's


 1 lb. ground grass-fed veal or beef, best with BOTH

2 lbs. farm fresh kale washed and shredded thin (remove stem)

1 lb. farm fresh sorrel washed and shredded *when in season or extra kale

4 zucchini, washed & diced (I use the Vidalia chopper for consistency)

4 yellow squash washed & diced

OR use winter squashes like butternut or acorn when summer squashes are out of season.

2 medium sized onions diced

1 TBLSP garlic minced

fist fresh basil*

fist fresh oregano*

fist fresh parsley* (I take all 3 of these fresh herbs and make them into a paste in a Vitamix with just enough distilled water to cover the blades.)

1 lb. raw swiss cheese, cut into tiny cubes *OR ANY RAW CHEESES YOU HAVE

Add 8 oz. block in drops across casserole of raw cream cheese *optional*

1/4 cup frontier organic pizza seasoning

real salt and pepper to taste

1 cup coconut oil



You will be layering the ingredients into a 11 x 7 glass baking dish. I prepare the layers in my Le Cruset large Saute pan.


Start with 1/4 cup of the coconut oil in the pan and add one of the diced onions to the pan.  When the onions are good and brown, add the fresh garlic. Once the garlic starts to bubble, add the kale and work it down in the pan.  Now add the sorrel and then add half the herb paste to the pan with half the squash and zucchini.  Salt & pepper the mixture to taste. Keep everything in the pan moving until the water starts to come out of the squash and zucchini and then pour the mixture into the baking dish as your first layer.


Clean out the pan and then add another 1/4 cup of coconut oil to the pan and start the rest of the onions. When they glaze over, add the veal, topped with the pizza seasoning and then break up the meat nicely and blend with the onions and seasoning. when nicely blended create a hole in the center of the pan moving the meat equally up on all sides and drop the remaining coconut oil into the center. Top the oil with the rest of the squash and zucchini. Salt & pepper the mixture to taste.  Blend this well with the meat and finally add the remaining herb paste and work it into the mixture evenly. Now add this layer to the baking dish.  Even the meat over the top of the veggie base and now add the cheese cubes evenly to the top later.


You can reserve this baking dish while you clean the kitchen or shower before guests arrive or until 10 minutes before you need to serve the meal.  I often prepare this portion of the dish in the morning and then finish it just before dinner.


To finish the dish, broil for 10 minutes uncovered. BAM! Let the cheese layer cool for about 5 minutes and then cut and serve like lasagna.

This page is where I want to share my passion for REAL food with you. Please check back often for updates or subscribe to receive them automatically via email, facebook, or twitter. I am looking forward to building the community and sharing my thoughts and experiences with you. 

- Niti Bali, owner Farm to Fork Meat

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