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The Cancer Killers - The Cause Is The Cure
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The Cancer Killers - The Cause Is The Cure
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In the book, you will learn and begin to see how you have it within you to fight off all diseases and help your immune system do what it is designed to do—to keep you healthy! You will also learn what foods are good for you, which ones need to be avoided and even how much exercise is optimum for health.

According to the authors, your body is a cancer killing machine. Equipped with a high powered immune system and intracellular anti-oxidant defense system, you have the ability to prevent and reverse cancer. They believe that there is one cause for cancer and the cause is anything that interferes with your body’s ability to kill cancer and fight off any disease. Likewise, there is one cure—remove the interference and maximize the potential.

Your goal is to develop a cause-addressing lifestyle that is no longer a destructive force in your life, but rather a force to help your body protect itself now and in the future. The following are the authors’ 5 main cancer-killing essentials:

1) Maximized Mindset—the mind has great influence over the body…constant stress and negative thinking suppresses the body’s immune system, alters digestive functions, and causes the continual production of negative, stress hormones.

2) Maximized Nerve Supply—spinal correction care re-aligns the spine, restores the curves, and make sure the skull and pelvis is aligned…this corrects the cause, removes the interference and maximizes function. With spinal correction, the nerve supply can be restored.

3) Maximized Quality Nutrition—bad eating leads to insulin insensitivity, hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, poor bowel movement, toxicity and cell inflammation. Today’s commercial diets contain endless toxins and lack the nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, etc.

4) Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle—oxygen has been shown to stymie the growth of cancers. The lack of exercise causes malfunction and interferes with the body’s ability to kill the enemy.

5) Minimized Toxins—toxic materials cannot be effectively metabolized by the body…these poisons are accumulated or built up in your system and create a “toxic burden.”