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Theros Olive Oil 500 ml bottle
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Theros Olive Oil  500 ml bottle
Theros Olive Oil 500 ml bottle
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About our oil...
For generations, the Theros family has maintained exquisite olive groves in the Messinian region of Greece. From one generation to the next, the Theros groves have produced superior harvests through meticulous care and handling in the old world tradition.

Our extra virgin olive oil is never diluted or commingled with inferior oils or the previous seasons' harvests. You will notice an immediate difference in the aroma, appearance and taste of this oil, which indicates its purity and distinguishes it from other brands. And our product is never touched by outside hands - every facet of our production, from caring for our trees to shipping our oil to you, is handled by our family.

Whether used when cooking or as a direct accompaniment to food, this oil, which is the highest quality available in the world, will bring a new culinary experience to you and your family.

Our roots in the Peloponnesus Region of Greece…

Theros Olive Oil has been an integral part of life in a very small part of southern Greece for generations. The olives that produce it were taken from our family’s trees in Messinia, in the Peloponnesus – Greece’s most productive region for olive groves.

Literally translated, Messinia means “The Mother of Olive.” The ancient Greeks bestowed the name due to the area’s geographic location and local weather conditions: Its dry rocky soil and ocean breezes make Messinia a perfect location for the world’s best olives to flourish. Many of the trees that produce our oil are hundreds of years old.

An All-Natural, Trans Fat Free Product…

The growing, harvesting and handling of our olives is done as it has been done for centuries, with no commercialization or commingling with inferior products. This is truly an “all-natural” product.

To be identified as “Extra Virgin,” an olive oil must have an acidity below 0.8%. Theros Olive Oil not only meets this standard, but greatly exceeds it, always carrying an acidity of 0.45% or lower – half that of other common retail brands.

Why is low acidity important? In a word: Purity. Higher acidity is the result of commingling with impure product, chemicals or preservatives. Theros Olive Oil never employs such practices. This is 100% pure, unblended, beyond-Extra-Virgin oil. Try it and the difference will be apparent.

All of this – the oil's geographic origin, our all-natural harvesting approach – makes this oil, quite simply, the best olive oil available today.